Traci Brosman

Traci Brosman – I have always been drawn to the alternative health industry. Growing up near Seattle, Washington allowed me to explore this industry when most people still had no idea what it was. I loved learning but knew that I was not meant to be the actual healer. I was fascinated with the mind and how it worked. I loved the fact that with little shifts in our perception we could make dramatic shifts in our outcomes. I have studied the mind for over twenty years and what role it plays in our success and happiness. I love being able to assist my clients and see them blow past perceived barriers and reach goals that were once just dreams. Today, I know why this has always been a passion for me and that I was right – I am not destined to be the healer – I am destined to help the healers find their power so that they can help even more people.

Through my involvement with World Wellness Education I have been able to use my knowledge and skills as a speaker, author and television/radio host to share people’s healing journeys with others. I believe this is important because not only do people find hope in these stories but it often connects individuals with holistic practitioners that they may not have found otherwise.

Holistic Marketing Mentors is a wonderful vehicle where Gail and I get to share our experience and skills with others through systems that walk the holistic practitioner, personal trainer, nutritionist and/or health coach through creating a successful business from the ground up. These systems are designed with your success in mind. Everything we do is built around this goal!

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