Mastering Your Wellness Business:
Helping You Put the Pieces Together


Mastering Your Wellness BusinessAre you ready to attract and retain more clients, increase profits all in less time? 

Whether you are a physician, healer, mentor, trainer or coaching coaches Mastering Your Wellness Business is written to help you quickly succeed with your business.

All of the strategies in this book have been utilized by successful entrepreneurs over the years to take their business to the next level.

What People Are Saying

Candace BoothWhile the title denotes this book will be useful in building a wellness business, the tips are outstanding and would be beneficial for anyone thinking of stepping into the world of creating their own company. When starting a new business/company, failure  is not an option. The tips offered are pertinent guidelines to help ensure success and take eons off the learning curve.” Candace Booth, ND.PHD, CNC, SHC — Doctor of Naturopathy, Nutritionist & Spiritual Health Coach

“Gail Sophia Edgell and Traci Brosman are pioneers in assisting alternative doctors open up to their true potential as health care providers. Their no-nonsense advice is right on target. Too many alternative doctors give all to their patients, yet have little to show for their efforts financially. I thought I had heard it all; practice-building programs are rife throughout the chiropractic profession. Gail and Traci offer a fresh look at how to change the thinking process from one of negative thoughts to positive, from self-criticism to self-love.” Dr. Lani Simpson, D.C, C.C.D

Ann Lee“This book is the one place where you can get it all- it is not the usual marketing book for practitioners, but addresses the inner core principles skills required combined with cutting-edge relevant marketing techniques to build quickly a successful leveraged thriving business with clients you love.”  Dr. Ann Lee, ND, Lac, Health for Life Clinic


Ron Laker“I know and respect Gail Edgell and Traci Brosman, They are creative, dedicated and most importantly sincerely conscientious in all areas of Holistic Mentoring. Together, they have the unique blend of caring, understanding and business savvy that I have grown to rely on . I regard them as a few of my trusted advisors. You should too!” Ron Laker, CEO of and “C” Level Speaking

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Mastering Your Wellness Business:
Helping You Put the Pieces Together

Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels, working way too hard with too little to show for it?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Find the pieces to the puzzle that you have been missing and make the business of your dreams a reality instead of just a wild fantasy.

Dear Wellness Professional,

When you finished your schooling you had developed the skill sets to become an incredible healer. However, what you have not mastered are the skill sets necessary to become successful in business.

There are four areas of your business that are critical to your success and if you do not master them, you will fail miserably.

The first is Business Mastery. Just because you set up shop and have your business cards printed does not mean you can run a successful business. You must know who you need to have on your team, what systems you need to have in place, how to best manage your time and so much more.

The second is Client Mastery. You want to have your schedule full of people that value you and your time. People that follow your protocols and listen to your advice. People that will refer you easily and often to their friends, family and colleagues. But how do you go from having barely enough – to having plenty? And when you have plenty, how do you manage everything and still have a life?

Third is Marketing Mastery. This may scare you the most. You are healers not salespeople. But if you do not master the core marketing principles that are a must to your business than you will continue to struggle and the people that need your help will never find you.

Fourth is Self Mastery. Yes, that is right. Self Mastery is the glue that holds everything together. Find out how to get out of your own way and remove all roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

What More People Are Saying


MaryAnn Molloy“Wellness professionals are often created out of passion for helping people.  That passion doesn’t always follow with or come with a plan.  This book is a great guide for wellness professionals who want to make a living do what they love.  It’s comprehensive yet, not overwhelming.  I love the integration of high-touch and high technology!” MaryAnn Molloy, Chief Fun and Fitness Trainer, Healthy Body Fit Mind

Julie Lusk“This book will motivate you with useful, practical information. It is the road map you need to speed along to achieving your professional and personal goals for your wellness business.” Julie Lusk, M.Ed., RYT, Wholesome Resources


Jean Sumner“I spent 25 years in the banking world and worked most of those years as a commercial banker making loans to small businesses. The advice in this book is right on.  Not only do Traci and Gail share a path to success for small business owners, they do it in an easy to read manor. I loved the personality of the book. This is a book you can’t afford to miss!” Jean Sumner, President, World Wellness Education


Never before has it been so easy to learn everything you need to do to have a successful wellness business.

Printed Book $14.97

Digital E-Book $6.97