Links of Disaster

Bad Broken Links Website Screen Chain Connections

I know this is a topic that you as soon not speak about but it is necessary.  Have you ever gone to a website clicked on a link and got an error message?  Believe it or not, this happens more often than you think.Continue Reading

Stand Up and Get Noticed

Businessman And Businesswomen Having Meeting In Office


In order for you to stand out above anyone else in your industry you need to market yourself.  For most wellness professionals this is a bad word and they avoid it like the plaque.  But forcing yourself to get out there at least once a month to speak to the public is imperative for long term success.Continue Reading

The Biggest Bang for your Buck

Newsletter Open RatesNewsletter Open Rates

Are you spending hours each month creating a newsletter wondering if anyone is really reading them?  Creating a newsletter takes lots of time and if you are not measuring its return on investment, it could be a lot of lost hours over a year.Continue Reading

Top Notch Presentations

Portrait of a businesswoman presenting something on a meetingBy: Traci Brosman

Clearly presenting your message on how you can benefit your community is very important to taking your business to the next level.  Whether you are speaking to one person or you are speaking to hundreds of people these three tips will help make your presentations even better.Continue Reading

The Power of Delegation

The Power of DelegationBy: Gail Sophia Edgell

Elance, ODesk and Other Freelancing Sites

Are you totally overwhelmed with the tasks and projects you have lingering on your to do list? Maybe it is a short ebook that you would like to offer to your customers or patients.Continue Reading

Increase Your Social Media Impact with Traackr

Increase your Social Media Impact with TraackrBy Traci Brosman

Traackr is a great social media tool to discover who is leading the online conversations that impact your industry/your followers and become a leader yourself in those conversations yourself.

More than 140 brands including EMC, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Orange and half of the top 50 communications agencies use Traackr to drive successful social programs and earn more attention by engaging with the right people.Continue Reading

Is this Holding You Back?

stop being afraidBy Gail Sophia Edgell

Over the years I have worked with a lot of individuals in the health and wellness arena and I would say that there is one thing that seems to be a theme in holding a person back to be bigger and better than they are now. Continue Reading

Going the Extra Mile

By: Traci Brosman

Going the Extra Mile

















We talk a lot about how important it is to provide excellent customer service. Yet I am still amazed that this is such a struggle with so many practices.Continue Reading

Get More Likes on your Facebook Fan Page

Get More Likes on your Facebook Fan PageBy: Gail Sophia Edgell

It is getting harder and harder to get people to “Like” your Facebook Fan Page.  You are not alone, in the last year Facebook changed their algorithm so it is not only harder to get “Likes”, but it is also harder to get fans to see your posts.Continue Reading

The Power of One


The Power of One

















By Traci Brosman

Increasing your revenue can sometimes seem daunting. Many times we find our clients believing that they have to spend money to make money.Continue Reading