The Power of One


The Power of One

















By Traci Brosman

Increasing your revenue can sometimes seem daunting. Many times we find our clients believing that they have to spend money to make money.Continue Reading

Are you “Turning Off” Customers?

Are you “Turning Off” Customersby Gail Edgell

Your initial response probably is “of course not!”  But you may be doing it unconsciously. 

I am talking about your customer’s or patient’s experience. 

Last week, I went into a medical office offering anti-aging procedures.  The waiting room had white walls, the chairs were uncomfortable. Continue Reading

Christmas in July

Christmas in Julyby Traci Brosman

I know it seems way too early to be thinking about Christmas. However, I need you to take a break from your summer for just a moment and think about your marketing plan for the holidays. For many the holidays will be a time when less income is coming in the doors and new clients will be just a trickle.Continue Reading

Picture, Picture in your Post

Stay out of trouble in the ever changing world of graphicsWritten by: Gail Sophia Edgell

Every day we see hundreds of pictures on blogs and social media.  There are certainly some pluses to this…it attracts attention to the post and engages the reader, but there are some downsides to posting pictures that you will want to know about.Continue Reading

Google Business replaces Google Places

Google Business allows your clients and potential clients an easy way to find you.
By Traci Brosman

One of the best ways to market your business has been Google Places and now Google has made it even easier and more important for you to take advantage of their free advertising through Google Business.

Google Business allows your clients and potential clients an easy way to find you by searching for you on Google, Google Maps and.Continue Reading

The Marketing Rule You Need to Know About

So what is the Zeigarnik Principle?Marketing has a lot of rules, but this rule has been around since the test of time.  In fact it was named after a Russian Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Bluma Zeigarnik.

So what is the Zeigarnik Principle?

One of the easiest ways to utilize this principle is never end a page with a period. Continue Reading

Video Contests Get More Patients

by Traci Brosman

Video Contests Get More PatientsCreate more engagement with clients and potential clients with a video contest. Using a video contest is a great way to not only create more engagement through all of your social media channels but also to enhance your social proof.Continue Reading

Get Exposed….Explode Your Business

Written by: Gail Sophia Edgell

Get Exposed through business marketingAre you getting business exposure?  So many times we have talked to professionals and they think that magically patients or customers are going to show up at their doorstep.  Well guess what, this is rarely the case.Continue Reading

Are you taking a Gamble in your Business?

By: Gail Sophia Edgell


Gamble in your business, but make them calculated.


This past weekend was the Kentucky Derby, so what better time to discuss gambling, right?  I am sure most of you either bet among family members or actually went to an establishment to place a “real” bet. Continue Reading

The Art of Setting Priorities: Three Tips to Make Your Life Simpler

by Traci Brosman

Have you ever felt that you were so busy chasing new clients that you were neglecting the clients you already had? Do you ever feel like you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off?Continue Reading